As a talented individual I have always been immersed in the arts. Whether it is drawing or writing my passion for both was unwavering. Graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in Media Arts and a minor in Journalism I was off and running. With the knowledge I garnered from the College I managed to create my own caricaturists’ business.

To this day I am still receiving calls for all sorts of parties. My talents of creating comical profiles of people at events have been very profitable. When it comes to my writing I have been published in many online and print magazines.

Since I come from a Greek background my first writing gig was with a major Greek publication entitled National Herald. The experience with this newspaper helped me branch out to others similar to it, like the Hellenic Times. Eventually I decided to expand my skills to the mainstream market. Hence, I came in contact with online publications like , , and .  I am also the editor of MCM.

The magazine Mob Candy is an entertainment publication whose back bone is peppered with gangster stories. Since I was and still am a “mob buff” I fit in perfect with this publication. In addition to all the press work I have also penned my own novel “Destinies” which is being shopped to publishing houses as of this writing.  Besides that I am also working on a historical overview of the Greek mafia worldwide.

Even though I have made these strides with my God given talent I am always in search of building more bridges. In the entertainment industry there are no limits of what one can accomplish. My biggest goal presently is to see my book published and to keep building my writing portfolio.

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